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Artwork by Kenneth Namalomba

About Us

Nthanda Review is a Malawian online literary magazine created in 2017. The idea behind its creation is to provide a platform on which voices of different writers would be heard by the world.  We publish works from Malawi and Africa as a whole. But we do not limit our outreach to just Africa, as such, anyone from across the world can contribute.


Beaton Galafa

The magazine’s Founding Editor, Beaton Galafa, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education Language from Chancellor College of The University of Malawi where he majored French Literature, with African Languages and Linguistics as his minor.  In 2014, he was one of the 12 East African emerging writers who attended the Commonwealth Creative Nonfiction Writers’ Workshop in Kampala, Uganda. In 2015, his short story ‘Bullet in the Wind’ made it into the  Dede Kamkondo Short Story Competition top ten shortlist. In 2016, he won the 2016 Free Expression Institute-Malawi Essay Writing Competition. He was selected to be one of the mentees in the 2017 Writivism Literary Project for the Koffi Addo Nonfiction Writing Contest for African emerging writers. His essay, ‘Saving Earth: Humanity’s Position in the Struggle of the Animal and Plant World’, got an honorable mention in the 2017 SEALOEarth Global Essay Contest.

His works have appeared in Malawian print and online literary magazines such as Sapitwa Poetry and My Tsogolo Magazine as well as international ones such as The Maynard, The Voices Project, South 85 Journal, The Birds We Piled Loosely (BPL), Bhashabandhan Literary Review, The Bombay Review, Atlas and Alice Literary Magazine, The Kalahari Review, The Wagon Magazine, Betrayal: A Collection of Poetry and Prose on Betraying and Being Betrayed and The Seasons: A Collection of Poetry and Prose on Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter by Robin Barratt. A member of Pen Avenue Malawi, he was the Chief Judge in Pen Avenue’s inaugural 2016 Short Story Writing Contest.

Matthias Kafere

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Matthias Kafere holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education Language from Chancellor College where he majored in English Literature and did Creative Writing. He is currently studying Law at the same Chancellor College. He writes essays, short stories and poetry. He has also worked as a lexicographer at Global Inter Action. In 2014, his essay on Malawi’s tripartite elections became seventh in the Free Expression Institute-Malawi Essay Contest. In 2015, his essay, A Better Malawi, scooped fifth position in the World Bank Golden Jubilee Writing Contest. And oh, something he really wants you to know! He is an ex-seminarian.

Madalitso Mulingo


Madalitso Mulingo holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education Language from The University of Malawi, Chancellor College. He is a French Linguistics major and African Languages and Linguistics minor. Currently, he is a Tutor in the Department of African Languages and Linguistics at Chancellor College, but he is also a Lecturer in Literature and Linguistics at Nkhoma University, Lilongwe. An ardent reader of  literary works, he believes in Art as activism.

Other contributors

Kenneth Namalomba

Van Gogh 20170529_074656

Special thanks to Kenneth Namalomba for regularly providing his works of art to be used for some of our literary works. He is an upcoming Artist whose art has been exhibited in USA and Germany among other places. He is a sculptor and painter who works with stone, installation art, oils and Acrylics. He strongly believes that the world is past the stage of decorative Art. Rather, art can be used as a tool for societal transformation.

In 2013, Kenneth had a project under Students with Dreams called empowering Orphans Thru Art which he conducted at Juvenile Rehab and orphanages as a way of bringing positive thinking to the children in these centres. Kenneth also founded a movement called “Our Voice thru Art“, a socio-political movement to use art as a tool to voice out the voice of the voiceless in the society. He aims at using his art to bring back people’s consciousness and expose social injustices. His modern themes are death and despair.

Kenneth was born in Blantyre, Malawi to the late Artist Samson Namalomba. He studied art at Chancellor College, a constituent of the University of Malawi. In 2014, he was awarded with a “Life-Achievement Art Genius Award” at the university.

We also thank all  other writers who help in editing for Nthanda Review. Most importantly, we thank all our contributors and readers. You are all Nthanda Review.

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