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By Robert Asom

Africa, O mother Africa
Cradle of humanity, a jewel to behold
A land of true beauty with no replica
In you the pureness of nature unfolds.

A land preserved amidst repression
You strove and fought and won
And kept at bay the loathed invasion
Untill a haven of freedom was born.

Mother Africa, how I admire
The lush green and streams and sound
Of birds and trees. Forever I desire
To stay in your love ever bound.

A land of people so diverse
Yet in truth and unity all stood
The times of peril we traverse
And ever are one in brotherhood.

O mother Africa, how I cherish
Your unfading dignity and pride
The hope we kindle never shall perish
Until in the clouds we shall ride!

Together we flow like waters of the sea
And rejoice in you and prance
Forever caught in merriment we shall be
With drums and songs and dance.



Author Bio:

Robert Asom is an emerging writer from Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria. Though he hopes to publish poetry too, he mainly writes music and movie scripts. His other poem To The One I Love was published on

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