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Beads of Kind Memory

By Steve Kumalonje

Daddy, who is the monster that exhales fire, claws on marble?

Fortune sonny, him, the last man standing;

Boldness flouts age,

Eloquence outlives many a poet

The mouth-a dagger that pierces the pale sun and many a star

It does not sweeten words but salt the voice bluntly;

“No harassment…Africa for Africans!”

Death scares-tail between legs

And he, rises after everyone of them;

Recognizant that death, a necessary end, will have to come

And that he, will descend beneath the rocks and rest in a cave

To feast with the fallen

Whose virtues can never be interred, nor rot with bones

But tower past beads of kind memory

From Cape Town to Tripoli.

Author Bio

Steve Kumalonje is a Communication and Cultural studies graduate from the University of Malawi. He resides in Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe.

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