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Comparing Pain

By Shadreck Theu

I know grief is naughty and cruel
It screws the mind really really bad,
But this is the muse.
Have you ever wondered
why you feel better
when someone tells you
I have lost my father
I have lost my mother
brother, sister, my relations too?

I know what to lose a job is
The pauper it turns you into
drags reason to ask why man has to live,
But have you ever wondered
why you feel relieved
when someone tells you,
They have lost a job before,
Or their husband, wife, relations
lost a job too?

Where does the sigh come from
Good, encouraged and relieved.
When someone says they too have died before
Is it humorous?


Author Bio

Shadreck Theu is a Malawian writer. Currently, he is a final year student pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Education Science at Chancellor College. He also works as an Assistant Network Engineer at Malawi SDNP.

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