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By Davis Agagi

Full of colorless blood
Like a trained hawk
Tearing off flesh of squalling kids
Leaving jagged edges smiling
Crimean War, the incubus happiness.

Assassins like neonates
small, weakened with education
A hatful of many-
Suckling a chicken-breasted mother
Like the innocent in hands of manslayer
Resonating for Feast of Unleavened Bread

Undress them with penal servitude
Have a shower of ignominy till clean
Like face of a youthful Saint Bridget
Crush them in moving cogwheels
Give them one of their quietus
You deserve this



Author Bio

Davis Agagi is a Law student at Chancellor College, The University of Malawi.  Holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Education Language (obtained from the same Chancellor College), he finds himself torn between law and literature and often spends much of his time in literary criticism.

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  1. I didn’t know this side of you boy. Keep it up

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