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Here I am

By Andulu Maseko

Still, waiting for you,
Luggage on head.
Like a cup on a saucer.
Life favours the mighty
Will you favour me just once?
I’ve danced, I’m done.
Let me listen to the melody.

I know you won’t hold ice cream and chocolate
Not even medals for war heroes.
But come. Let’s perch to your nest.

Let us swim along with the tides
To where the greatest of kings decay
On skulls and bones of queens.
Humiliated at the battle of termites.

I know they will weep
Like they won’t forget me.
Like a fool I’ve lived
But, will I be replaced?

Come. Brother.
You must not blow the trumpet.
Let’s hold hands and run away
To your gold palace.
So I can rest in peace.


Author Bio

Andulu Maseko is a student at Chancellor College pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Education.

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