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Ngwazi Zazikazi Story Competition


National Youth Council of Malawi (NYCOM) in collaboration with the Skills and Technical Education Programme (STEP) is running a story competition under the theme “Celebration of Women who are Bold for Change”. This has also been adapted in Chichewa as Ngwazi Zazikazi. The competition supports STEP’s efforts to promote technical training options for women and vulnerable populations.

NYCOM launched Ngwazi Zazikazi story competition on 10th March, 2017 as part of the national commemorations of International Women’s Day.  The competition will run until International Youth Day on August 12th, 2017.  The competition targets youth from 10 – 25 years old from across Malawi. Youth are asked to write and submit works in form of a story, poem or video clip about a woman they know who is courageous and has taken on a field or path that is traditionally not perceived as a female role.  Share the story of a woman who has inspired you because of the action she has taken, the attitude she has, and what she has achieved.

The purpose of the competition is to celebrate women who are shaping a positive Malawi.

Category A: Written Story

Youth are invited to write stories in English or Chichewa. The prose submissions should preferably be type-written or legibly hand-written in no more than 1500 words

Category B:  Poem

Youth are invited to write a poem in English or Chichewa. The prose submissions should preferably be type-written or legibly hand-written in no more than 1000 words.

Category C: Video

Young people can also tell their stories through video clips using their mobile phones or video cameras. The video clips should not be more than 5 minutes.


What types of submissions are accepted?

Submissions can be made in form of written story, poem or video. Writers are encouraged to title their stories in line with their selected field of focus and send a picture of their story subject.

Video clips narrating the story of a female subject can be taken with a smart phone or video camera and should not be longer than 5 minutes in length.

Submissions can be in English or Chichewa.

How are the submissions assessed?

Entries will be considered on the basis of originality, relevance, persuasiveness, and quality.

Winning entries will be selected by a jury of outstanding young people in the story writing, poetry and video making fields.

All submissions will be verified to ensure that the author is the original source and there is no plagiarism or co-authors.

No submissions are accepted from relatives or close relations of the National Youth Council of Malawi, Skills and Technical Education Programme (STEP), or jury members.

When should I submit?

Final deadline for submitting entries is 10th July 2017.  Youth are encouraged to submit entries early and they will be eligible to receive prizes and have their entry aired on national radio throughout March to August.

Where do I send my submissions?

Submissions are accepted via WhatsApp, email, mail or hand delivery.

E-mail entries to

Entries can be sent on WhatsApp to National Youth Council of Malawi at 0999400200

Hand-deliver entries to National Youth Council of Malawi, Area 47-Sector 2, Lilongwe Street, Plot Number 112 or post to Private Bag 389 Lilongwe.

Indicate your name, gender, age, contact details including address and phone number

What can I win?

There will be 3 sets of prizes for each category as follows:




1st prize




2nd prize




3rd prize




Other prizes like Solar Lanterns, Books, School Bags, T-Shirts and Golf-shirts shall be won fortnightly and monthly. Selected competitive entries will be read on national television and radio.  The winning compositions will be compiled into a publication entitled Be Bold For Change Celebrating Women from Malawi and a video production also under the same name.  All entries will be under the copyright of Skills and Technical Education Programme (STEP).

For more information, get in touch with National Youth Council of Malawi at 0995 400 200, visit their website or their Facebook page.

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