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Pearls of Pain

By Martin Chrispine Juwa

Drums torn by oiled palms
Rivers flowing from wearied eyes,
Souls beckoned by wind,
Smiling. As hope whizzes in air
Past a torn heart in hand.
But in me I thrust between bars of love like gorillas in zoos.
To love. And be loved.

A rabid hound howling in a pack,
I want to lean on walls without cracks and wash my tears away,
To be noble and gallant.
So here I sit in the middle of nowhere writing.
Like you will not fold the paper and throw it away into rivers
Unaware of yawns and coughs I dragged in pain-love.
This thumb.
This treasure. Of pain.


Author Bio

Martin Chrispine Juwa is a Malawian writer of poetry and short stories. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from The University of Malawi. Currently, he teaches History, Social Studies and Literature in Secondary School. Juwa is also a Gospel Reggae musician. All his writings are inspired by real life experiences of himself and people he crosses paths with.

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