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Poetry from Gerry Sikazwe

Three Poems by Gerry Sikazwe

Paint Beautiful Shadows

Can you paint?
Can you color life?
Can you, beautiful shadows, shade?
Applying strokes lightly, curves carefully,
Portraying life as a free bird on clouds sprawling.
Can you paint?
Can you color life?
As wind on fresh leaves singing songs of peace.
Please do paint,
I yearn to see shadows that lurk in your mind, in paint alive.
I beg that you paint,
So your fears and hopes can mingle, dancing on canvas.
Paint, color life.



Artist Without Audience

What remains of a painter
Without anyone for his paintings to interact with,
But fears and hopes on a canvas

What remains of a poet
No one his words to share with,
But only wounds fresh and scars dry on paper

What remains of a musician
With nobody to share her heart with,
But just tales of sadness and stories of joy in a song?



Aged Monkey

Care for me when old I become,
Tend for me when my bones weaken,
For I have toiled the earth all my life for you.
I’m an aged Monkey now;
Whose survival begs on you,
So be mine sight, now that my eyes slacken,
Walk for me, now that logs my legs have become.


Author Bio:

Gerry Sikazwe is an emerging poet from Zambia. He is currently a student at the University of Zambia studying Adult Education with Mathematics. He runs two personal literary (poetry) blogs where he features most of his works. His poems have also been featured on, Dissident Voice, Mshikamano, Tipton Poetry Journal and In Between Hangovers.

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