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Poetry from Raymond Abiona

A Poem by Raymond Abiona


Can you sing us a piece? They appealed.
I hummed, then revived lines from a lucid trance.
I wiped my bistre lips with my toiled Nubian palm.
I beheld the sky;
As if expecting symphonic backup from the gloomy stars.
Strained stratified eyes kicked me on, as I cleared my throat…

It was reigns ago, days of cowry crowns,
Rectitude realms and beaded bellies.
The soot brown plain exhaled laughter and the
Delightful cornucopia tree gave shade.
A Palm prophesied in branches, about
A Lark which would leave its lair for company of
Eastern pigeons and end up living
The life of a vault filled with pebbles.
In response, for relaying the message,
The Palm was sacrificed. Like a betrayed
Albatross, its wail reached the heavens.
Olodumare hearkend and hastened the
Foretold. The Lark’s songs are now abominable treats
Beyond the sky. This is us eating fruits
In its season. Fruits of shackle, bondage,
Servitude and false hope.

…At the last line, opening my lids, desertion welcomed me.
The weary eyes, the gloomy stars… just the unyielding darkness hovered.
Oh recalcitrant descendants!



Author Bio:

Raymond Abiona is a Lawyer, Entrepreneur and Poetry Lover from Nigeria.

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