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Poetry from Samuel Oladele

Two Poems by Samuel Oladele

Words Are Powerful

Shall I compare a word to a nuclear weapon
or a firework reaching into the sky?
For a man’s favourite word encompasses
“all his moreish drinks”
and “a horde of girls in his pool”.
The word “love” makes a girl’s heart
moonwalk in a pool of red fluid.

An orphan once scampered into the
crazy bus stop in his head
after “War World II” leaped from my lips.
“The holocaust” is a bridge of dead bodies
linking the past and the present.

Words are rocks struck to lit up smiles
and the venom gathering corpses in our eyes.



No Shame to Pour Your Love

The poor room of your heart,
never found a red rose,
never found a key to its door,
always a forlorn space of echoes.

Break your barricade.
Go and wash yourself off the myth
for love does not halt for damsels.

Go and pour your cascading love
into his heart,
he awaits your rain.
Go and feel the young man’s heart,
no sin,
no smoke,
just mother’s words that fog you,
just shame being a bulwark,
but love is not a thing exhaling shame.


Author Bio:

Samuel Oladele is a student studying Applied Chemistry at Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto. He loves to write and read.

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