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The Birthday Cake…

By  Matthias Kafere

The day last of the sixth month!

How can I fail to recall.
Especially when I reminisce about,
Birth of the great son,
In the bosom of my father’s family.
Renowned for its heritage;
Tradition, to be specific, where
Hundreds and hundreds of dancers,
Dance to the old tune
Akuluakulu adapita.
You could as well, not forgotten the day.
Coming to the party,
As I take my attested labour-saving device,
Knife. To cut my portioned cake. But when I,
Entertained the guest room,

I nosed out that the cake is not for all and sundry.


Author Bio

Matthias Kafere holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education Language from Chancellor College where he majored in English Literature and is currently  studying  Law  at the same Chancellor College. He writes essays, short stories and poetry. In 2014, his essay on  Malawi’s  tripartite elections became seventh in the Free Expression Institute-Malawi Essay Contest. In 2015, his essay, A Better Malawi, scooped fifth position in the World Bank Golden Jubilee Writing Contest.

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