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Then came floods

 By Matthias Kafere

The sun is punching so vigorously on the rich green grass
Chisoso flowers are jumping for joy
Bees, butterfly try to top them
Chirping loudly.

Sharing in a converse,
The young toddlers close by are smiling sheepishly;
Bringing the laughter to all those who open their eye lids.

The sky is overly pure
Congregating together
Clouds move to their destination
They spit on the rich green grass

The spittle has a sharp serrated margin
Cutting underground roots of the grass
The soil is exposed
Naked ground
Will the insects and toddlers enjoy any longer?
Oh No! rain rain go away little John wants to play[1]

[1] From an old primary school poem, “Rain Rain go away”


Author Bio

Matthias Kafere holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education Language from Chancellor College where he majored in English Literature and is currently studying Law at the same Chancellor College. He writes essays, short stories and poetry. In 2014, his essay on Malawi’s tripartite elections became seventh in the Free Expression Institute-Malawi Essay Contest. In 2015, his essay, A Better Malawi, scooped fifth position in the World Bank Golden Jubilee Writing Contest.

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