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Thine inheritance shield

By Matthias Kafere

Succumbed to unprecedented humility
Where falsity and truth debate superiority
The greater the persuasion the winner becomes
In vanity, just to get his own.

Falling to stand
One is accorded to give back
And live the liberty of peaceful rest
Hounds licking wounds, paupers crave shields.

Trimming faces downwards
Searching for the needle
Where hens join the warranty search
In that catch-22, feeds they get
Nevertheless, hawks come to get the rest
Surely, thine inheritance shield
Protection shall be no more.

Author Bio

Matthias Kafere holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education Language from Chancellor College where he majored in English Literature and is currently studying Law at the same Chancellor College. He writes essays, short stories and poetry. In 2014, his essay on Malawi’s tripartite elections became seventh in the Free Expression Institute-Malawi Essay Contest. In 2015, his essay, A Better Malawi, scooped fifth position in the World Bank Golden Jubilee Writing Contest.


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