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We are calling for BEST 1-3 poems per poet from Africa (living in Africa) or of African diasporas (one of the parents originated from Africa) to be included in BEST “NEW” AFRICAN POETS 2019 ANTHOLOGY. Poems of any topic, form…preferably less than 40 lines but we will read and consider longer poems too, must be in any African indigenous language of Africa plus French, English, and Portuguese. Those in local African indigenous languages should be accompanied by a translation into French, or English or Portuguese.

“New” in form, style, poetry making, thinking, writing, living.

Whilst we will give younger poets chance we do not necessarily select young poets only. We are very flexible in what we term as African; you may be born on the continent, you may be staying on the continent yet from another continent (Afrocentric), you may also be a first descendant of African parents but staying in the diasporas.

Deadline for entries is 15 October, 2019.

Entries should be in one word doc, include also your contact information, country of stay or country of origin and a bio note of not more than 100 words. We do not accept simultaneous submissions!

We do not send contributors free copies of the anthology.

Please adhere to submission guidelines, failure of which we will not consider your poems!

Entries should be sent to Tendai Mwanaka, Daniel Purificacao, and Nsah Mala on emails:
mwanaka@yahoo.com, danieljose26@yahoo.com.br; nsahmala@gmail.com

NB: Please help us spread word about the call to your network of poets and poetry lovers.

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    1. Dear Joseph,

      You are supposed to send to all the three emails. The editors of the anthology argue that doing so makes sure an entry is safe as they normally receive an overwhelming number of submissions which might be difficult to track once lost (if you submit to just a single email address).

      All the best as you prepare your submission.

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