Poetry from Martin Chrispine Juwa

Two Poems by Martin Chrispine Juwa


His cheek bones wound and carved up
Like two hills which meet
And sweep down into each other.
His slender eyes lined the forehead
His back had bent to long hours of travel.

He tried to smile, but
Icy peaks of solitude had weakened his heart.
He was a fragile flower
About to be blown away in the wind.
He stared blankly
Like a frightened bird after a violent storm.

Meditations on Love

Our smiles trickle down
To the world beyond us;
Called love,
That thread, hanging the world together
Suspended in air (like a balloon)
Rocking gracefully in the cosmos

Merry hearts worship it
While bowed heads and downcast hearts distaste it
Was it invented by man?
Or it just sprang instantaneously into life
Does it transform rattling discords of life
Into a beautiful symphony?
Whose master is it?
Who masters it?

Martin Chrispine Juwa is a Malawian History and Social Studies teacher in Secondary School. He loves reading and writing poetry. His works have appeared in 2018 Best New African Poets Anthology, Nthanda Review and Scribble Magazine.


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