Poetry from Fiskani Nkhoma

A poem by Fiskani Nkhoma

I Ask

Who is the greater thief?

He that robs a little boy’s shoe,

Or slaughters a rescuing dream

Who is the greater oppressor?

He that snatches a woman’s

Handbag and disappears into coughs and laughter

Or the lover that defiles her dignity

And tramps dirt beneath his feet on her heart

Who is the greatest foe?

He that slays a man’s cow

Or steals his wife’s lust

and leaves his ego battered and bruised

Who is the greatest antagonist?

He who rots in  water

Or  keeps it and sells it

What’s the lesser evil?

To cause a man misfortune

or  exploit his misfortune

Who is inhumane?

Young lovers that through immoral passion plant a seed and uproot it

Or  two men  sweating on each other’s shoulders

As they become one

Who is the coward?

A father that abandons his family

Or the boy that denies a pregnancy

If humanity were to be brought to a halt

And you had to choose

Which side would you be on?


Fiskani Nkhoma is a Malawian writer of poetry. “I sometimes get the feeling that I am what’s left of what was a great poet in a life before, just that part of him that was uninspired and unmotivated. So I set out in search of that part of his soul that was full of life and rhythm. Maybe if I find it, I will become poetry”.

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  1. Wow, if this is what the uninspired and unmotivated part produces, I wonder what great work the inspired and motivated part can produce.

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