Poetry from Kondwani Sichali

A Poem from Kondwani Sichali

Silence, a Bee, a Trumpet…

Silence: discipline in cemeteries,

With reverence, mystic powers
In the background sounding crickets’ scratches,
Birds brag, frosty flaps of trees’ branches.
The beauty of nature hooked by gentle winds.

I sit on bits of wood.
Quiet as night by a grave.
As it whispers into my ear
Melodies of the living dead.

Recites the past coming and nightmares,
Patience, enthusiasm, wisdom;
Virtues and lies.
To kiss, and caress me beneath.
To feed empty brains with light
To fondly push me into cradles;
Realms of bliss.

Silence. That discipline for the dead.
Dignify dad’s tomb. Death;
A bee. That trumpet blown after victory.


Kondwani Sichali is a Malawian writer and poet.  He is currently studying Journalism at The University of Malawi. Some of his poems and short stories have appeared in various online and print publications.

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