Poetry from Mtende Wezi Nthara

Two Poems by Mtende Wezi Nthara

Rumblings from the heart

Imaginations at heart, scared of reality
Questions linger, afraid of responses
Dreaming in colours, slander coming closer
Breath-taking admiration, undeserving
From peaks, pasture shines
Mud laughs at the admiration
Binoculars inexistent
Lessons learnt with nobody to offer them
Learning reigns with terror
Fear that yields nothing
Nothing that is undesired
Unfulfilled desires oozing
From one peak to another
Where no man reigns.

A Sigh in Time

Gazing from a distance
And closer in focus
Sounds, letters, words, phrases
Compressed as one but decomposed
Perishing in bits and pieces
That put together, aggravate the distance
Hearkens can’t protest or whine
For they are just pens in the hands of a writer
Ferocious, forceful and ready to roar
Rapidly they flow forwards and forwards
At a bite of a fly backwards they go
Concomitant they roll, fragmented
Till the sun is overhead
A sigh of relief.

Mtende Wezi Nthara lives and writes from Malawi. She currently works with the Catholic University of Malawi as an Associate Lecturer in the English and Communication Studies Department. An avid reader of all things literary and Editor at Nthanda Review, some of her poetry features at Kalahari Review.

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