Screenwriters Guild of Malawi to present the Selfie Short Film Awards to Winners

Selfie Short Film Project Awards on this Saturday

The Screenwriters Guild of Malawi (MSG) will on Saturday 8th December 2018 host an award presentation ceremony for its inaugural 2018 Selfie Short Film Project at Madsoc Theatre in Area 2, Lilongwe. The contest closed submissions on 16th November. MSG has organized a number of activities for the day’s programme. Some of them include a screenwriting workshop, a short film festival and the actual awards presentation.

MSG has invited other emerging creative artists to attend the festival and share their artistry with the project’s participants. Ekari Mbvundula, lead organiser of The Storytelling Sessions and author of Montague’s Last, will make a presentation on story writing.

Ekari Mbvundula: to discuss story-writing with participants

Mirriam Phiri, recently nominated for Best Actress in the Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) for her role in Shemu Joya’s award-winning The Road to Sunrise, will make a presentation on her acting experience. She will also have a conversation with participants on what emerging and established artists as well as other stakeholders in the film industry in Malawi should do to make it better.

Mirriam Phiri – She will engage the audience on her experiences as an emerging actress 

Another notable speaker at the event is Hago (real name Hastings Golosi), an emerging artist in video production. He has produced several music videos and documentaries in the local entertainment industry. He is also the man behind the production of Nyambo TV series. In addition to Hago, MSG will also engage Sukez for a presentation on cinematography.

Hago – To discuss video production 

The contest involved submissions of short videos of generally not more than 2 minutes and 30 seconds by amateur actors to MSG. Voting was open to the public through social media platforms (mainly Facebook) from where various winners in each category were selected. The categories include Best Short Film, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Script, Best Director, and Best Picture Quality.

The Short Selfie Film Project targets unearthing talent among the youth with a focus on the storyline rather than film production equipment. It is expected to be annual, with Saturday’s event as an inaugural take off.

The programme’s string of activities has an entry of MK3000 for those who cannot get themselves a ticket in advance (at MK2000).

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